Short Essay Fight Against Corruption Quote

“It is the fate of great achievements, born from a way of life that sets truth before security, to be gobbled up by you and excreted in the form of shit. For centuries great, brave, lonely men have been telling you what to do. Time and again you have corrupted, diminished and demolished their teachings; time and again you have been captivated by their weakest points, taken not the great truth, but some trifling error as your guiding principal. This, little man, is what you have done with Christianity, with the doctrine of sovereign people, with socialism, with everything you touch. Why, you ask, do you do this? I don't believe you really want an answer. When you hear the truth you'll cry bloody murder, or commit it. … You had your choice between soaring to superhuman heights with Nietzsche and sinking into subhuman depths with Hitler. You shouted Heil! Heil! and chose the subhuman. You had the choice between Lenin's truly democratic constitution and Stalin's dictatorship. You chose Stalin's dictatorship. You had your choice between Freud's elucidation of the sexual core of your psychic disorders and his theory of cultural adaptation. You dropped the theory of sexuality and chose his theory of cultural adaptation, which left you hanging in mid-air. You had your choice between Jesus and his majestic simplicity and Paul with his celibacy for priests and life-long compulsory marriage for yourself. You chose the celibacy and compulsory marriage and forgot the simplicity of Jesus' mother, who bore her child for love and love alone. You had your choice between Marx's insight into the productivity of your living labor power, which alone creates the value of commodities and the idea of the state. You forgot the living energy of your labor and chose the idea of the state. In the French Revolution, you had your choice between the cruel Robespierre and the great Danton. You chose cruelty and sent greatness and goodness to the guillotine. In Germany you had your choice between Goring and Himmler on the one hand and Liebknecht, Landau, and Muhsam on the other. You made Himmler your police chief and murdered your great friends. You had your choice between Julius Streicher and Walter Rathenau. You murdered Rathenau. You had your choice between Lodge and Wilson. You murdered Wilson. You had your choice between the cruel Inquisition and Galileo's truth. You tortured and humiliated the great Galileo, from whose inventions you are still benefiting, and now, in the twentieth century, you have brought the methods of the Inquisition to a new flowering. … Every one of your acts of smallness and meanness throws light on the boundless wretchedness of the human animal. 'Why so tragic?' you ask. 'Do you feel responsible for all evil?' With remarks like that you condemn yourself. If, little man among millions, you were to shoulder the barest fraction of your responsibility, the world would be a very different place. Your great friends wouldn't perish, struck down by your smallness.”
― Wilhelm Reich, Listen, Little Man!


Corruption is a greedy and unethical behavior performed by a person to fulfill his/her wishes. Corrupted people take wrong benefits of their position, power or authority for their personal benefits. It involves many activities (bribery, fraud, theft, blackmail, etc) that generally affect common people’s growth and development and thus whole country’s economy. It is one of the highly affecting social issues and needs to be resolved soon by the positive effort of everyone.

People need to get aware about all the disadvantages of corruption and harms to common people and country. Following are some encouraging slogans on corruption which you can use to encourage people against corruption.

Corruption slogans are best way to motivate people against corruption during any related event or campaign celebration.



Corruption Slogan

Corruption is not fair, oppose it always.


Corruption ruins the country, take it away.


Corruption corrupts the human mind, it should never be practiced.


Join hands together and plan to end this corruption.


Corruption is spreading like pollution and causing destruction.


Corruption is destroying us, it needs to be destroyed too.


Its our responsibility to remove the corruption.


Corruption is practiced by the people of lose character.


Corruption shows dishonor while honesty honor.


Country without corruption is perfect for its citizens!


Honest people become away from corruption.


Corruption makes the country empty from inside.


Corruption eats country’s power and makes it empty.


Just be honest and raise voice against corruption.


Corruption is a hidden robber, robs us all 24 hrs.

Be the hero and fight corruption.


Be the initiator of anti-corruption!


Don’t be the part of corruption if you really want development in the country.


We are against corruption, Are you!


Say loudly, No to corruption.


Be a participant of India against corruption.


Build a corruption free society in your area.


Corruption is a crime; let it destroy before it destroys us.


Clean India, Corruption free India!


Corruption only affects a common man!


Fight corruption if you want a better society!


Don’t be part of corruption, be a part of solution.


Shame on fame came through corruption.


Shame on names who corrupt country’s fame.


Prevent yourself from corruption!


Corruption is not good for anybody.


Corruption kills a person completely from inside.


Corruption left nothing good in a person.


End of corruption is our aim to improve the country’s fame.


Come on! Raise your voice – you have power to stop corruption.


Don’t be addicted to corruption.


Corruption is a disease having no medicine.


As a citizen it’s our responsibility to fight with corruption.


People with corruption are hungry for money!


Your greedy habits pull you towards corruption.


Your little corruption can create a big interruption to development.


Your corruption leads you towards disruption.


Corruption has no back gear, just stay away of it!

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