As Level Ict Database Coursework

ICT A-Level – Software Systems Development

A Level – CCEA SSD Software Systems Development


Examination Board: CCEA


Course Aims:

This course is aimed at developing programming skills and emphasis on object oriented development and event driven programming along with systems approaches and database concepts. To undertake this course students should have proven skills, knowledge and understanding of Computer Science.

This specification aims to encourage students to:

  • develop a genuine interest in software systems development with a focus on programming;
  • develop an understanding of systems approaches and modelling techniques to support software development;
  • develop software development skills that will prepare them for work in today’s software industry;
  • participate in the development of a software project using a complete software development process;
  • apply their skills to relevant work-related scenarios;
  • work with others in group settings;
  • research, develop and present their findings in a variety of formats; develop advanced study skills in preparation for third level education; and demonstrate their understanding and application of key concepts through challenging internal and external assessment.


Course Outline:

AS 1: Introduction to Object Oriented DevelopmentExternal written examination: 2 hours
Short and extended questions, stimulus response and data response questions based on the principles of object oriented development
50% of AS
20% of A level
AS 2: Event Driven ProgrammingInternal assessment
Portfolio showing evidence of designing, implementing, testing and evaluating an event driven application
50% of AS
20% of A level
A2 1: Systems Approaches and Database ConceptsExternal written examination: 2 hours
Short and extended questions relating to current systems approaches and database concepts. These questions are based on a pre-release case study.
30% of A level
A2 2: Implementing SolutionsInternal assessment
Portfolio showing evidence of the analysis, design and implementation of a software solution of a specified problem in a pre-release case study and task.
30% of A level


Coursework: AS 2: Event Driven Programming

In this unit, students have the opportunity to implement and develop object oriented technologies in an event driven environment. Students are able to state requirements and design, implement, test and evaluate their application. This unit is internally assessed.



Coursework: A2 2: Event Driven Programming

In this unit, students have the opportunity to design and implement a solution to a given problem using the knowledge and skills acquired in the preceding units of the course from AS to A2 Level. The students implement an agreed design using an appropriate software tool. The unit allows them to experience the elements of the systems development process. Students are required to build their solutions using an RDMS (Relational Database Management System) through an event driven programming environment. This unit is internally assessed with a pre-release case study. Students must use the pre-release case study throughout.


Careers and Further Study

GCE Software Systems Development can lead to a wide range of careers including multimedia and website design, software design, games design, computer programming, graphic design, IT management, CAM engineering and CAD design.


An Advanced GCE AS or full A Level in Software Systems Development combines well with almost all other AS and Advanced GCE subjects.  Taken with Mathematics and Science, it supports applications for any IT-based University courses. Taken with Languages or Arts it supports an equally wide range of university courses such as Communications, Media, Business and Management.

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