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This is an outline for the STAAR English II EOC Essay portion of the test. It has all the components on it that the student needs to have and defines a variety of types of evidence they can use to prove their points. I use this outline to help prepare my students for the STAAR English II EOC essay.

This writing kit is good for any persuasive essay needs, not just the Texas STAAR test! It has been updated and is now 27 pages long.

It includes:
- 5 pages of writing instructions handouts with detailed examples. It goes paragraph by paragraph.
- It has two versions on the example. One version has notes about the organizational structure.
- Tips & Common Mistakes to Avoid
- A list of transition/linking words
- A persuasive essay outline map for students who need a short structure guide
- Outline with the organization structure labeled
- Blank outline (some states allow blank organizers to be used on standardized tests)
- A list of types of evidence with definitions
- A list of 12 persuasive writing prompts
- 12 Persuasive Essay Writing Prompt Cards
- Notes for the teacher on how to use this kit

I am in Texas and originally created this for my English II students to help prepare them for the persuasive essay they would have to write on the STAAR English II EOC test. The advice and common mistakes are aimed towards the goal of passing that writing test. However, I have a PhD in Composition and have tried to create this unit to fit best practices for persuasive essay writing in any situation (whether for a standardized test or a dual credit class or in general).

I did not include a rubric because what you are evaluating can change greatly between standardized test, dual credit courses, or general classroom writing goals. If you are using this to prepare students to write a persuasive essay on a standardized test go to your state testing website and look for a rubric. Texas STAAR has a rubric and lined writing paper for the English II EOC persuasive essay.

+More about the writing prompt cards+
The prompt cards allow for practice with various prompts. You can print each prompt on a different color paper (the duplicate of that prompt should be the same color as the original). You can laminate them then have students choose a topic at random to write about. The second time around they merely pick a different color to ensure they get a different topic. Included is a blank set of cards for your own prompts. I suggest looking at released tests and using the persuasive writing prompts from those tests.

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