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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Admissions - Prospective Students

Does SUNY Canton require SAT/ACT test scores? What are the minimum/maximum scores you accept?

A: The SAT or ACT is required for our Bachelor's Degree programs. It is recommended for our Associate Degree programs. We are not looking for a specific score. Some of our top scholarships require the SAT or ACT so we encourage you to take it and submit your scores. You could also be exempt from placement testing if you score well. SAT/ACT’s are not required for transfer students.

What is the required score on the GED (TASC)?

A: The required score is 2450 (or 245 if old scoring was used).

I am a Veteran. Where do I begin?

A: You can visit to find information to get you started in the right direction in your college career. You can also contact our Military and Veteran Student Service Coordinator, Patrick Massaro, at 315-386-7073 or email him at

When is the application deadline?

SUNY Canton offers rolling admission for both spring and fall semesters, with the exception of our selective programs (Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Physical Therapy Assistant, Dental Hygiene and Vet Tech).

For our selective programs, the deadline is February 1st. We encourage all applicants to apply early to receive the best housing and financial aid options.


Do I need to submit my high school transcript, even if I am a transfer student?

We require a high school transcript if a student does not currently have 30 credit hours or more.


Can my Application Fee be waived?

A: Our applications are processed through the SUNY Application Services Center in Albany, NY. If you are requesting your application fee to be waived, please call the center at 1-800-342-3811.

I am a Transfer Student with an AAS degree. Do I have to pay the Application Fee?

A: No. As long as you are a SUNY transfer student with an AAS degree, you don’t have to pay the application fee. Please contact the SUNY Application Services Center in Albany, NY at 1-800-342-3811 for more information.

I received a hold letter requesting a transcript from a college I never attended.

If you never attended or withdrew from the college, please contact the college’s Registrar’s office and have them send us a letter verifying you didn’t attend.


I received a hold letter requesting a transcript from a College, and I owe them money. They will not release my transcript until the money is paid. What are my options?

If you owe money to another college and cannot obtain your transcript, your application to SUNY Canton will remain on hold and cannot be processed without the transcript.


I have been accepted. What do I do next?

When you are accepted, we will mail you an acceptance letter with a checklist, which will get you started on UCanWeb. UCanWeb is your main gateway to accept your financial aid, pay your deposits, and view your schedule plus much more. You can also complete your enrollment process at


Academic Programs

Q: Can I get a copy of your College Catalog?

A:Please visit, which offers a PDF version of our college catalog along with course listings and our student handbook.

About SUNY Canton

How can I plan a visit to SUNY Canton to learn more about your programs?

If you want to find out more about SUNY Canton, we encourage you to make an appointment for a tour and speak with an Admissions Counselor. You can call our Admissions Office at 1-800-388-7123, and one of our representatives can schedule an appointment for you to visit and learn more about our campus. We offer tours Monday-Friday at 10 AM and 2 PM. We also offer interviews with our Admissions Counselors Monday-Friday at 9:30 AM, 11:00 AM, 1:30 PM and 3:00 PM.

We also have Open Houses at various times during the fall and spring. Open houses offer you an opportunity to visit the campus, meet with students and faculty, and speak with the Admissions and Financial Aid offices. You can sign up for Open Houses at


Where is SUNY Canton and what is there to do in the area?

SUNY Canton is located in the northern part of New York State, also known as the “The North Country.” The North Country is identified as the region between Lake Ontario and Lake Champlain in breadth and the St. Lawrence River to the Adirondack Mountains lengthwise. The North Country is a place of history and abundant with outdoor recreation activities including skiing, fishing, hunting, and many hiking and snowmobile trails.

Canton is St. Lawrence’s county seat and borders along the Grasse River. Canton is a quaint village with a small town atmosphere that is ideal to raise a family and perfect for all levels of research and education. SUNY Canton is within walking distance to the downtown area where there are shops, cafes, a library, museums and a movie theater.  Canton is also home to St. Lawrence University. Our neighboring village, Potsdam, is home to SUNY Potsdam and Clarkson University. All colleges have many sporting and entertainment events open to the public.

SUNY Canton is a short distance from our neighbor to the north, Canada. A day trip or a weekend spent in Canada’s Capitol, Ottawa, or the beautiful city of Montreal is a great way to relax and enjoy the many activities they offer. We are also approximately one and half hours away from beautiful Lake Placid, home of the 1980 Winter Olympics, where you can enjoy skiing, shopping and many other events. You can also visit for more information about our area and visit various local links.


Financial Aid

Am I eligible for a scholarship?

Students with an 85 high school average or transfer students with a 3.0 college GPA are eligible for scholarships. A scholarship form will be emailed to the email address provided on your application, if you qualify. Scholarship applications are submitted on a rolling basis, and you will be sent a scholarship award letter in the mail if you received a scholarship. The scholarship committee reviews fall scholarship applications until funds are completely awarded or until Aug. 1st of that academic year. Scholarships range from $200 to $5000. You can find out more information by visiting


How does financial aid work if I take a course at another college (not just the Associated Colleges) while enrolled at SUNY Canton?

You can complete our consortium agreement with our financial aid office and then register for the course. You should contact the college where you are enrolling in the course to find out if payment is required before enrollment. Please visit for more information.


Admissions - Admitted Students

Can I cross-register?

If you are a current SUNY Canton student, our Registrar’s office can assist you with cross-registering. You can contact them at 315-386-7042 or email them at, and they are located at the lower level of French Hall. You can also visit If you are a student at St. Lawrence University, SUNY Potsdam or Clarkson University, please contact your Registrar’s office on your campus for assistance.


Why pay my deposit soon?

Depositing lets you:

  • Complete your housing form and the sooner you submit the form, the higher priority you have for housing choices.
  • Make an advising appointment to register for courses, hopefully before a course you want fills.
  • Sign up for summer orientation, hopefully before the orientation date you prefer fills.

For more information or to deposit click here.


I lost my enrollment packet. How do I get another one?

We send enrollment packets to all accepted students. You can access the packet materials online at If you have misplaced your acceptance letter, please contact the Admissions Office for a replacement.


How much are the enrollment and housing deposits? Can I have my deposits waived?

Our enrollment deposit is $50, and our housing deposit is $55. If you are an EOP student, the enrollment deposit is $25, and the housing deposit is $20. You can pay your deposits online at If you are having difficulty paying your deposit, please contact the Office of Admissions to inquire about a possible deposit reduction.


I have decided not to attend SUNY Canton. Who do I contact? Can I have my deposit refunded?

If you have been accepted to SUNY Canton but are not attending, please email us at and request in writing to withdraw your application. Refunds of deposits will be awarded only for those requests made before or on May 1st.

Submitted materials, including transcripts and writing samples, become the property of the institution and will not be returned to the applicant.


I was accepted into Nursing/Physical Therapy/Dental Hygiene/Licensed Practical Nursing/Vet Tech and my application was cancelled because I didn't pay my deposit. I thought I was all set?

Our majors in Nursing, Physical Therapy, Dental Hygiene, Licensed Practical Nursing and Vet Tech are highly selective programs with a limited number of seats. Your acceptance letter will inform you of your deposit deadline, and we encourage you to submit your deposit as soon as possible to hold your seat in the program. Failure to submit a deposit by the specified date will result in the cancellation of your application and the loss of your seat in the program to another qualified student.


How do I change my major?

To change your major, please send an email to to request it in writing.


Student Life

How do I get my schedule?

First time students’ schedules are created with the Office of Advising & First Year Programs.  Their phone number is 315-379-3954, and their email is  You can also visit for more information. Your schedule will not be created until your deposit is paid.

Transfer and readmit students should contact their dean’s offices to set up their schedules.

For the School of Business and Liberal arts, please visit, for more information.

For the Canino School of Engineering Technology, please visit for more information.

For the School of Science, Health and Criminal Justice, please visit, for more information.

When they are completed, you will be able to view your schedule on UCanWeb.  Your schedule will not be created until your deposit is paid.


How do I get my SUNY Canton ID card?

Students who live on campus or attend the local campus, may upload a photo on UCANWEB if you are a first time freshman or transfer student, after you have paid a housing deposit or have registered for orientation. Your card will be printed and available for pick up when you arrive on campus. ID cards cannot be mailed. A student may also choose to have a photo taken in the College Association Office, located in the Campus Center. We recommend using the upload process for your convenience. You may contact the College Association office by calling 315-386-7210.


Help, I have lost my SUNY Canton ID card?

ID cards can be reported lost by logging onto You can also report it lost at the One-Hop Shop in Miller Campus Center. You may contact the College Association office by calling 315-386-7210. There is a $15 replacement fee for lost cards. Damaged cards will be replaced at no charge if the defective, active card is turned in.


How do I setup my meal plan?

You can select the meal plan of your choice on UCANWEB when you are setting up your housing selection. The College Association Office can assist you in setting up your meal plan and your Roo Card. Meal plan changes must be done in person. The College Association office is located in the Miller Campus Center. You may contact the College Association office by calling 315-386-7210.


How do I order textbooks?

You can purchase textbooks at the Textbook Center in the Miller Campus Center or order them online at You can also call them at 315-386-7112 or the Campus Store at 315-386-7319.


Can I bring my car to campus?

All students, including first-year students, can bring a car to campus, but there is a parking fee. You can find out more information about traffic and parking regulations at


What is Orientation and do I have to attend?

Orientation enables new students to easily transition from home/high school to the college environment. Students will be able to experience campus life, meet with Deans and academic advisors and gain a sense of the academic expectations. You can visit for more information regarding orientation, or you can give them a call at 315-379-3822. Orientation is mandatory for all students who are new to our campus. Exceptions are made only for those that do not attend in person on the Canton Campus.


Is there Diversity programming at SUNY Canton?

SUNY Canton has an Office of Diversity Affairs that helps to promote, support and integrate diversity initiatives to improve our students’ education. The Office of Diversity Affairs offers services and programs that can help students learn to value diversity.  By visiting you can find out more information about the services provided by the Office of Diversity Affairs. You can also visit their office at the Miller Campus Center for more information.


I am not sure if I want to continue my education or pursue a job after graduation. Is there anyone that can help?

SUNY Canton’s Career Services Center can offer assistance and guidance to help you select a career. By visiting you can find out more information about our Career Services Center. The website also offers information on how to set up a resume and cover letter, as well as perform job searches. You can also stop into the Career Services Center located in the Miller Campus Center.  They can sit down with you and assist you in developing your career path and future goals.



I previously attended SUNY Canton and want to return. What are my options?

If you previously attended SUNY Canton and have not attended any other colleges or universities since your separation from us, you can fill out a Readmission Form by visiting If you have attended another college and would like to return to SUNY Canton, you will have to reapply by clicking the “Apply Now” button and pay the $50 application fee.


I have been academically suspended. What are my next steps?

You can visit for information regarding academic suspension. If you have further questions, you can contact the Office of Provost at 315-386-7202.


How do I obtain my transcript from SUNY Canton?

If you need a copy of your SUNY Canton transcript or an official transcript mailed, you can visit You can email them your request at, and their office is located at the lower level of French Hall.


**Please note: all information included on this page is subject to change

Home > Admissions > Apply Online

Apply Online

SUNY Canton admits students on a rolling basis; however, priority consideration allows for timely notification of admissions status, as well as scholarship consideration.

The priority deadline for Fall Admission is April 1st. However, since FAFSA is now available for submission on October 1st, we are encouraging students to apply by December 15th.

The priority deadline for Spring Admission is November 1st.We will accept a late application due to extenuating circumstances. Please call the Office of Admissions for details.

Some programs are selective in nature and have a separate application deadline. The Nursing, AAS, Dental Hygiene, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant, AAS, Veterinary Science Technology, AAS, and Veterinary Technology, BS programs, are all considered to be selective.

The Selective Program application deadline for Fall Admission is February 1st.

SUNY Canton accepts the following applications:

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