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Get Your Tickets Here for our Spring Musical, "The Wizard of Oz"
Tickets for our fabulous Spring Musical, "The Wizard of Oz," are now on sale online through March 13 at 4 pm. Simply click this announcement for the link to order tickets for either the Tuesday, March 13 performance OR the Wednesday, March 14 show, both at 6 pm. (Be sure you know ahead of time on which date your child is performing, as the tickets are not exchangeable!) Tickets are $10 and are ONLY available online. That means they cannot be purchased in school, so reserve your tickets before they are gone...and get ready for some AWESOME entertainment!!!
Sign Up for Principal's Book Club
The April selection for the Principal's Book Club is Prodigy, which is the second book in the Legend series by Marie Lu. A pizza book club discussion with Mr. Zapata will take place on Tuesday, April 24 during the lunch periods. All registered students will receive a copy of the book in English class. Click on this announcement for the link to register.
Incoming (September 2018) Grade 6 Parents
Parents of incoming Grade 6 students (i.e., those entering Paulo in September of 2018) can click on this link to reach IS 75's "Incoming Grade 6" tab, which provides easy access to all required forms, the comprehensive Orientation PowerPoint Presentation given at our Open House; bus stop information and schedule; in-person registration information and requirements, etc. Welcome to the Paulo Family!
March 2018 PTA Newsletter
Click here to view the March 2018 PTA Newsletter, which is filled with all kinds of important news and events for Paulo students and families as we head into spring. Topics include Parent-Teacher Conferences on March 6, what you can do to help your child prepare for the upcoming NYS tests (ELA on on April 11-12 and Math on May 1-2), our fabulous Spring Musical The Wizard of Oz, and our sold-out Spring Auction at the Historic Old Bermuda Inn on March 29. Don't miss this edition!
Opportunity For Free After School Regents Prep Class
In preparation for the upcoming United States History and Government Regents exam on June 13th, we are offering a FREE test prep course here at Paulo on Wednesdays from 2:25 to 3:25 PM , beginning March 21st and ending May 30th. Registration is on a first come, first served basis, and will be limited to 30 students. Click here for the registration form and more information.
Support Our Bread of Life Food Drive
Please consider donating some needed food items to our annual Bread of Life Food Drive, which runs through March 22. Local Staten Island organizations that serve the poor, homeless, and families in crisis need our help now more than ever.Click this announcement for a list of what's needed, and pitch in now to help those less fortunate than yourselves!
Paulo Spelling Bee Champions
This year we are proud to announce that we have TWO representatives going to the prestigious New York Daily News Scripps Citywide Spelling Bee competition in New York City - Abigail Hecht of class 602 and Cailyn Kitchens of class 701. Congratulations to both students on a very impressive achievement. Paulo is proud of you!
Free Saturday Morning Math Tutoring Here at Paulo!
Paulo students in need of some extra math practice are invited to join our IS 75 Math teachers for FREE Saturday morning Math tutoring beginning Saturday, January 27 from 9-10:30 am. Come on an as needed basis or every week! Teachers will review current topics, help prepare for upcoming assessments and tests, and so much more! Click this link to let us know if you are interested.
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posted: Sat, Feb 24th, 2018

Expert on safe social media use to present on March 5

Katie Schumacher, a social media expert, will speak to parents about the misuse of social media and ways to encourage positive messaging. Her "Don't Press Send" presentation will be held on March 5 in the MOMS auditorium, beginning at 7 p.m.

The presentation will help parents provide the guidelines and strategies to their children that will engender kind, healthy online interactions. Ms. Schumacher will show how parents can:

• foster a healthy balance between real life and technology

• teach kids to be mindful before they post by helping them understand that on the other side of their screens live real people who must be treated with kindness.

In addition, Ms. Schumacher will give insight on helping children create and reinforce their own boundaries, respect the needs of others, and make thoughtful, positive decisions. Most of all, she will help parents encourage their children to consider their choices before they commit to them, both on social media and in life.

Ms. Schumacher is the author of “Don’t Press Send: A Mindful Approach to Social Media, An Education in Cyber Civics” and its free companion app. 

For the past five years, she has used her years as a certified teacher, her mindfulness training, and her on-the-job experience as a mother of three teenagers to spread the message about the importance of positive social media messaging. She frequently lectures throughout the tri-state area and has been a guest on many television programs. She has also been quoted extensively by Newsday and a variety of other local newspapers and family magazines, and has contributed to “The Hill,” “Entrepreneur Magazine,” and numerous other publications.

You can see her TEDx talk on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfIGGpBIcg8

Young diplomats take home awards

MOMS students recently participated in the Junior Model United Nations conference at Drew University and took home four awards.

The model U.N. gave students an opportunity to immerse themselves in issues now facing the world and a chance to practice the art of diplomacy. The students were divided into delegations from different countries and each delegation addressed one of three global problems: education, nuclear proliferation, and clean water. The young diplomats spent months researching their countries and designated issues, then wrote draft position papers and resolutions that they would like to see passed.

Once at Drew, MOMS’ delegations met with like delegations from 10 other New Jersey middle schools to hammer out the content and wording of final resolutions that would be later voted on by the model U.N. General Assembly. It was two hours of debating, collaborating, and compromising as the delegations tried to realistically represent the unique positions and interests of the countries they represented.  

“What was really interesting was how different opinions were,” said Akila Venkatraman.

The students saw that even topics such as nuclear proliferation were more complex and nuisanced than they first thought.

“There were a lot of people in favor of eliminating all nuclear weapons,” said Yogesh Mohapatra, part of the delegation representing Colombia. “But some wanted to keep them for security. There was also the issue of how countries could monitor each other’s disarmament.”

After the resolutions were finalized, it was time for the main event. One school delegation from each subcommittee spoke at the General Assembly and answered questions about its proposed resolution. Not all resolutions were greeted warmly. While it was disappointing for some students to see their hard work turned down by the other delegates, after the conference all the MOMS students understood that the experience was the important part.

“We learned what’s happening in the world,” said Molly Kahan. “It was a great representation of how the U.N. works. Before this, I wasn’t really sure exactly how things got done.”

“You’ve got something [nuclear weapons] that could kill everyone on the planet,” Bryan Thomas said. “When you find a way to stop it, you feel like you are actually helping, that you can help. It feels really good.”

Ann Greszczak teaches the MOMS gifted and talented program. Prior to the competition, she led students on a field trip to the United Nations in New York to help them better understand its importance and the way it functions.

The Junior Model United Nations conference was co-sponsored by the New Jersey Consortium of Gifted and Talented Programs, Inc. and Drew University Political Science and International Relations department.

The winning MOMS delegations, countries of representation, and topics were:

Best delegation, Philippines, Water

Molly Kahan

Grace Lazzarotti

Bryan Thomas

Outstanding delegation, United States, Education

Jenna Alessandrini

Aanya Khanderia

Victoria Morris

Anish Patel 

Best Position Paper, Colombia, Nuclear

Sammil Panda

Yogesh Mohapatra

Rahul Swaminathan

Best Position Paper, Argentina, Education

Katie Keegan

Olivia Aghabi

Akila Venkatraman

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