Olathe School District Homework Policy Middle School

Middle School
Middle school homework may be given Monday through Thursday.  Weekends and holidays are primarily reserved for family time.  Students may elect to use the weekends to review materials, make up work, complete projects, and enjoy recreational reading.  Assignments shall be designed so that the typical student can complete all homework, including time for studying and preparing for exams, in the average minutes shown.

Grade 6 – 70 minutes daily
Grade 7 – 80 minutes daily
Grade 8 – 90 minutes daily

Students taking an extra class should expect to exceed the daily minutes in a proportional manner.

For an accelerated course designed to be equivalent to a course at a more advanced grade level, students should expect homework for that class to be consistent with a time expectation for the higher grade level.

In addition, students shall be encouraged to allot time to read for pleasure.  Reading for pleasure and music practice times are not included in the time parameters shown.

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