Compare Contrast Essay Topics Middle School

List Of Impressive Topics For A 6th Grade Compare And Contrast Essay

Middle school teachers face the challenge of encouraging their students to think. Being able to notice the difference and/or similarities between two activities or things is an important part of developing cognitive skills, and a compare and contrast essay is a homework exercise commonly used. The teacher has to remember the student is not a college sophomore. Those compare and contrast topics have to be at a level which the student can understand and expound on. Here are a few which can make excellent homework assignments for a young person in the sixth grade.

  • Being a member of the marching band and being an athlete;
  • The influence of family in comparison or contrast to your friends;
  • Do you learn more by watching a television program or reading a book?;
  • Compare and contrast being sent to school detention and going to prison;
  • Compare and contrast your behavior to that of a younger sibling or another younger person;
  • Snowstorms to thunderstorms;
  • Vegetarians to meat eaters;
  • Going to a destination by train or getting there by bus;
  • Being angry to being afraid;
  • Going to a movie theater to renting a video;
  • Living in a small town to living in the big city;
  • Playing baseball to play soccer.
  • Having a smart phone to having a regular telephone.

While these are the topics the teacher has to expand on the instructions. Although support is going to help any young learner better respond to the prompt assigned, the teacher also needs to make a compare and contrast essay interesting to do. It is a temptation for young people to simply write what they think the teacher wants to read. Encouraging them to write what they think allows for better development of cognitive skills. The teacher must also be confident of the class. There is no need to necessarily give a writing assignment that is too simple. Sometimes the compare and contrast essay can be a challenge and as long as it is interesting that is fine.

One of the great rewards of being a teacher is watching how a young person goes from giving automatic answers to providing reasoned responses to a question. Compare and contrast writing assignments can be a great introduction to other ways of thinking through problems and making choices. This type of exercise cannot be underestimated as far as its value. The ability to compare and contrast is a cornerstone feature of an intelligent consumer and a thoughtful voter. Developing comparison and contrasting skills is consequently a benefit to society.

A List Of Exciting 5th Grade Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

When students are asked to write essays, especially the compare and contrast essay, it is important to plan everything out before commencing the writing process. You should first properly organize all your thoughts. This way, you would be able to create a helpful outline and chart that would give your paper the solid structure it needs to impress your target readers. This means that comparable traits or characteristics of the subjects being compared should be carefully and clearly listed out.

You should also take the time to make statements that go further to explain to your readers why the differences or similarities between the subjects exist. Finally, you will compose a statement that tells shows them your assessment of the comparisons carried out. You should also allow the creativity in you to show in your compare and contrast essay. There are certain subjects you never know have something in common and with the ideas below, you will find out how creative you can get. Here are some compare and contrast essay ideas to get you started:

  • Prom night versus Halloween night
  • The differences and similarities between flowers and weeds
  • The relationship between the early astronauts and Christopher Columbus
  • The differences between campaign speeches and sermons in the church
  • The relationship between dictators and school bullies
  • Comparison of blizzards versus hurricanes
  • Celebrities’ influence on teens versus parents’ influence on teens
  • Comparison of car driving lessons and bicycle riding lessons
  • Comparing the experience of walking on plains versus boating on open seas
  • Comparison of fashion in the 70s to fashion in the 90s
  • The versatility of ebooks versus traditional books
  • Comparing the experience of watching movies at home versus watching movies at the theatre
  • Comparison of time spent with your siblings versus time spent with your schoolmates
  • Comparison of being a flight attendant versus a five-star hotel waitress
  • Comparison of doing the laundry versus doing the dishes
  • Differences and similarities of having female friends versus male friends.
  • Comparison of boat rowing with family members versus playing with friends
  • Comparison of a person’s inner beauty versus the physical beauty
  • Comparisons of the advantages of cold weather to hot weather
  • Comparison of your birthday party versus your older sibling’s birthday party

These are some of the topic ideas that can make great topics for compare and contrast essays. This online resource has always proved helpful when it comes to assisting students with getting their essays properly written and formatted.

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