Soc 120 Week 3 Assignments

DOMESTIC SURVEILLANCE DRAFT2DOMESTIC SURVEILLANCE DRAFTSurveillance through modern technology has invaded our lives so that there is actually nosuch thing as privacy. We tend to think of domestic surveillance as depicted in George Orwell'smovie “1984.” Actually, domestic surveillance covers a great deal more than the National Security Agency’s monitoring programs. We have surveillance in every aspect of our lives, fromhome and personal security to public cameras to broader surveillance methods to protect our country.Although we hear people complain constantly about their “invasion of privacy,” citing the government reading their emails and listening to all their phone calls, this seems rather unlikely considering the millions of people in the US and the number of employees that would have to be engaged to monitor them. Yes, there are individuals being scrutinized…no doubt for good reason most of the time. Is this ethical under the utilitarian theory? Yes, because monitoring a few suspicious persons is for the greater good of the country as a whole. The average citizen, the bulk of our population, is not very likely under the microscope. Under the relativism perspective, it would seem that this surveillance is within the frame of reference…attempting to modify or prevent threats to the security of the general population.In a Timesarticle by Denver Nicks published in July of 2014, the National Intelligence Director claimed that the CIA conducted less than 1900 queries on American citizens and/or legal immigrants, labeled “U.S. person identifiers.” However, the FBI does not distinguish between citizens and non-citizens so it could give no firm numbers regarding how many American citizens were under surveillance (Nicks, 2014b). If this figure is even remotely close, it would appear that an extremely small percentage of our population is being monitored.

EQUALITY IN WOMEN SOCIETY2“Empowering women isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do” (Barack Obama) Women equality has come a long way since the 1850’s. They have had it worse historically and everyday it seems to be tested. Today women may still experience inequality towards men. This paper examines the equality in: Voting, the workplace, and sexual harassment.It will also show how the theory Deontology plays a part in these acts. VotingVoting is the most privileged opportunity anybody in America can have, but women did not have that privilege in the early era. Two women worked and proved that women deserved to vote. Lydia Taft was the first legal woman voter in America. She voted in 3 town hall meeting with the consent of the electorate. Lydia’s son and husband happened to die during an important vote concerning the town’s financial support of the French and Indian war. During that time, the only individuals allowed to vote were freeholders (male property holders) and her husband Josiah’s estate was valued as one of the largest in the town. Josiah’s death opened the door for Lydia’s giant step into American’s history of women suffrage. Given the important nature to vote, the town people voted to allow Lydia, the widow of Josiah Taft, to vote in the meeting of October 20, 1756. Her historic vote would precede the constitutional amendment for women suffrage by 164 years, and would evaluate her form the role of wife and mother to a symbol of women suffrage.

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