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What role did Imperialism play in shaping U.S. foreign policy in the late 19th and early 20th centuries?
Prior to the late 19th century, the United States was preoccupied with domestic affairs and simply used the Monroe Doctrine as their lone foreign policy. By the late 19th century, however, domestic concerns suppressed just enough to let foreign issues take the spotlight. The Industrial Revolution brought mass production, which forced the United States to seek a new global market for trade. America also became increasingly concerned with intervening in Latin American affairs and spreading democracy to less powerful nations. Due to the aforementioned factors, imperialism played a pivotal role in shaping American foreign…show more content…

Intervention in Latin America, mainly Cuba, also led to the Spanish-American War. When the American naval ship, the USS Maine, exploded in the Havana Harbor, President McKinley immediately decided to go to war after being labeled a coward by yellow journalists. This is a prime example of how incidents in Latin American countries forced presidents to act rapidly and without much thought, causing America to form a bold and aggressive foreign policy.
According to the United States, democracy and Christianity were principal elements of a successful society. During the end of the eighteen-hundreds and throughout the beginning of the nineteen-hundreds, America tried to colonize and reform less fortunate nations. Following a social-Darwinist point of view, Americans took their “God-given” superiority to those who were incapable of establishing their own self-government (Doc. H). After much debate, American foreign policy towards the Philippines and Cuba was that it is our duty to rule them until they could rule themselves. We pledged to save the indigenous people from their savage, bloody, and corrupt ways of life. President McKinley’s foreign policy towards the Philippines stated that “they would soon have anarchy and misrule…there was nothing left to do but take them all, educate the Filipinos, and uplift and civilize them” (Doc. A).
Imperialistic fervor was spreading more than ever during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The United States was eager to propel itself

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European Imperialism - Dbq Essay

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Throughout the history of the world, imperialism has played a major role. Imperialism is one country’s complete domination of the political, economic, and social life of another country. Imperialism has many positive and negative effects. The Age of Imperialism is considered 1800 - 1914. During this time Europe became a major world leader. European countries set up colonies all over Africa, Latin America, and Asia, and encouraged their citizens to populate them. European imperialism boosted Europe’s economy, and made them a world power. Imperialization had an entirely different effect on Africa, Latin America, and Asia. People of these countries were mistreated, they lost their culture, land, and self respect. The negative effects of…show more content…

Austin, it shows how the larger nations gave to the smaller colonies. The nations built them roads, canals, and railways, telegraphs, newspapers, and schools. Europe gave them the blessing of their civilization, and overall made them economized. They were part of modern culture after imperialization. Another positive effect is how the colonial governments introduced improved medical care, and better methods of sanitation. There were new crops; tools and farming methods, which helped, increase food production. These changes meant less death to smaller colonies, and overall improve the state of living. They now could live longer and have better sanitation.

European Imperialization had an entirely different effect on Africa, Latin America, and Asia. People of these countries endored lots of hard work, and lost their culture, land, and self respect. A negative effect is seen in Document two, a picture called "Learning civilized ways is hard work." In the picture you can see an Asain and an African pulling around a seated European. For the native poeple colonization ment doing the European’s hard work. Natvie people were used as a form of cheap, and somtimes even slave labor. The Africans, Latin Americans, and Asians had no freedom, they were completly controlled by the Europeans. This did not civilize the smaller contries. All of the promisies and benifits sated in

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