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Fun Fonix Book 3: printable long vowels with silent e worksheets; long a worksheets, long i worksheets, long o worksheets and long u worksheets

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The full Fun Fonix Book 3 e-book.

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Sound recognition

Build the word




and more! You can also just access specific pages or sections below.

Long vowels with silent e worksheets:

Make you own custom worksheets with long vowels.  Fun Fonix worksheet makers have spelling worksheets, read and choose worksheets, word bank worksheets, spell and write worksheets, bingo, and more!

You can make your own practice sheets using the Fun Fonix images.  They are not royalty free clipart but you may use them for private personal use projects.  They are copyrighted images and anything you make with them remains the property of MES-English and cannot be shared with anyone other than your students, through any medium.  Check out the clipart page here in the worksheet section.  There are 400+ images posted from the Fun Fonix e-books. 

This week we are reviewing silent e.  Some of my students are struggling with this concept so I introduced them to the Bossy E Song from Sounds Fun Phonics by Heidi Butkus.  These songs are great for teaching your students basic spelling patterns!!  My students love all of the songs on this DVD!!!

I also found a great powerpoint to go with silent e.  This powerpoint calls the silent e the sneaky e.

Here is a great video from YouTube called Super E.

The Electric Company has a video called Silent E.

Here are some long vowel games to reinforce the spelling patterns of the long vowels. 

Here are some  free worksheets for long and short vowels.  Just click on the picture to download.

Do you have a great way to teach the silent e?

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