From Ideas To Essays 13 Edition

Chris Juzwiak holds an MA in Comparative Literature from the University of California, Los Angeles, and is ABD. He has taught college-level literature and composition for twenty-three years and is currently chair of the Developmental Composition Program at Glendale Community College. Under the auspices of grants from the Carnegie and Hewlett Foundations and the California Basic Skills Initiative, Chris has pioneered new pedagogical approaches to development composition instruction. He is coauthor of “Pedagogies of Visibility: The Full E-mersion and Beyond,” an article in the spring 2009 edition of New Directions for Community Colleges. In addition, Chris has presented his work at ISSOTL, the League for Innovation, ECCTYC, Strengthening Student Success, the California State Academic Senate, and the Carnegie and Hewlett Foundations. At Glendale College, he has received the John Craven Award for innovative composition instruction and in 2010, the Distinguished Faculty Award. His latest project, IMPACT (Incremental-Motivational Pedagogy, Assessment-Cycles Training), is a distillation of ten years of pedagogical research and innovation, and is now used in all the developmental composition classes at his college.

"The student essays are a strength. I really like to see an illustrated example or model of a paper as it evolves from draft to draft. I like the line by line editing notes. The emphasis on rhetorical devices is another strength. It's good to see so much of the book dedicated to so many devices of rhetoric. Also, when the book uses outlines, graphs, and charts, it succeeds tremendously."

"The overall organization of the book is effective. All important topics are covered quite thoroughly."

"I really like the idea of having the handbook inside the reader."

"Several years ago, while searching for a text that included the elements which I had found over the years were best for teaching composition, I discovered FROM IDEA TO ESSAY, 11e. It proved to be an excellent text, which I appreciated more during the successive years that I used it to teach my introductory classes. I was pleased to discover the elements I so appreciated in that text were kept in the current edition: an organization that began with an overview of the process of writing, a review of classic rhetorical structure, and grammar."

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