Essay On Childhood Memories

As a child I came here on holiday (10 years in a row to be exact). So its fair to say this place holds many fond memories for me.

Coming back after all these years, I can view this place in a different light, through grown up eyes and reminisce about childhood memories and share them with my own children.

The memories of sunny days spent sitting on the beach, always in the same place, next to the same people. We played in the rock pools and paddled in the sea, playing in the freezing cold water and dug sandcastles. I remember the harbour, the boats and the souvenir shops.

Over the years we made many friends here. Friends that we have long since lost touch with. As I sit and take in the seascape in front of me I wonder where they are now and what they are doing.

As I explore this town 30 years on, I contemplate how things have changed. The old cinema is in ruins, surrounded by scaffolding, the hotel that owned it is no longer there.

The ice cream parlour we used to visit is still in business. I remember the giant knickerbocker glories but they don’t seem as big anymore but maybe I’ve grown a bit since then.

Photographically, the memories i have of that time are stored in a collection of old prints taken on cameras long before mobile phones existed. These photos were shared with only family and close friends. They now live in old albums and cardboard boxes at the back of a cupboard. Only ever brought out every once in a while. How things have changed.

In the early morning light I wander these streets, which by daytime are full of visitors but are now quiet, peaceful and calm. I’m in awe of the beauty that surrounds me, it is a hundred times better than I remember. The emotion of this place brings a tear to my eye as I remember happy days gone by

The narrow streets are lined with quaint pastel painted houses as the seagulls sore and call out in the early morning breeze. The harbour side has lobster pots stacked up ready for use, slowly people emerge and I watch as the day begins.

There is something magical about this place as it erases the stress of everyday life. Things seem so much more simple here.

I feel blessed to have come back, revisited childhood memories and the opportunity not only to share them with my children but with the world at large through my photography.

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Essay my favorite childhood memory

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