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Small Batch Capital means Personal Attention

AFI invests in sustainable food companies in Central Texas.

We help entrepreneurs pursuing the triple-bottom-line of Planet, People, & Profits to understand the fundraising process, prepare to effectively meet & pitch to funders, get funded, and operate successfully.

Our tagline is "small batch capital".  Like artisanal food, we take pride in crafting each deal with care.  That means personal attention to you:  serious listening to understand your business and your goals; in-depth gap analysis & expert assistance to prepare for successful fundraising; a fundraising strategy that blends capital from various sources to optimize your freedom, optionality, and cost of capital; and introductions to both outside capital providers and our network of values-based impact investors.

The AFI Way

We think about business, and about fundraising, a little differently.

Visit "The AFI Way" to learn about our take on the purpose of business, what "impact", and "impact investing" means, how to fund a business without super-fast growth or a unicorn exit, how "milestone-based funding" increases the chance of success, how combining various types and sources of funding into a "custom capital stack" creates optionality, and how neighbors funding neighbors builds community.

There are lots of places to turn for help raising capital.  Visit "How is AFI Different" to learn how we approach things vs. banks, traditional angel networks, incubators, and a variety of other players.  Spoiler alert:   we start with the mission to increase the supply of good clean fair food for Central Texas... 

How It Works


We're interested in firms throughout the the food chain, from agricultural inputs like seeds and compost to farming and ranching, to processors and value-added producers, distributors, retailers, restaurants, tool makers, supporters, and waste managers.

Here are some examples of the kinds of companies we like.

OK, we're a little picky.  We don't have time for greedy hucksters intent on growing as fast as possible with no concern for the people in their wake, the impact on the environment, or the value of the product.  Does the world need cheesecake in a tube?  We don't think so. 

We're looking for high-integrity small company entrepeneurs in Central Texas that want to make a difference.


Then, complete our simple online application.  

If we decide to work together, we'll walk you through the rest of the process.

Meet in Person

We don't believe in the old adage "it's just business".  We've been entrepreneurs, and it isn't just business.  It's who you are, and who you want to become. 

At the introductory meeting, we'll listen to your goals and plans, and explain the AFI process.  We'll jointly decide if we'd like to proceed together.

Plan & Prep to Get "Investor-Ready"

We'll ask you to do some homework.  AFI has several self-paced assignments to assess your fundraising readiness, to help you think about "impact", and to start work on your Business Plan's executive Summary.  Those, and other tools, are in our "Raise Resources" section.

Given that homework, we'll collaborate with you to create a prioritized workplan, customized to your goals and businesses.

You'll then decide whether you want to do the preparation to become "investor-ready" on your own, with one or several of Technical Assistance Providers (TAP) in the AFI Network, or with the AFI staff.

Regardless of whether you go it alone, work with a TAP, or work with AFI, we'll keep in touch, be available to answer your questions, and track your progress toward funding.

Meet Investors

Throughout the process, from the time you apply, we'll keep our AFI Investor Network appraised of your progress.  Interested potential investors may step forward to be a Deal Lead, or Mentor, Domain Expert, or even Lead Investor.

We'll periodically throw private pitchfests, where you and 2-3 other firms will meet potential investors, tell your story, and answer questions.

Once you have a deal that investors can say "yes" to, we'll circulate the specifics of that deal to our AFI Investor Network, help line up a Lead Investor, facilitate a smooth closing, and support your ongoing success.

Operate & Succeed

Getting funded is really just the start.

We can continue to assist in matters of strategy, governance, tactics, and implementation.  Our Expert Network is a group of strategic business mentors and domain-specific experts.  And, you'll have joined the AFI Peer Network, with access to help and support from other local sustainable entrepreneurs.


Please see our Company Fees page. 
Company Fees
  • Application:  $0
  • Onboarding: $250
  • Monthly Retainer for "Pass-Thru" deals:  $0
  • Monthly Retainer for "AFI Assist" deals:  $250/month.  Includes investor-readiness guidance (time for questions, review of your materials, advice, and introductions to Technical Assistance Providers); investor wrangling; and use of our secure online Due Diligence Data Room, a one-stop central fundraising workspace for you, your extended team & partners, us, and potential investors.
  • Management Governance Consulting:  Varies.  Charged to companies in equity deals led by AFI for board representation and ongoing assistance.
  • Transaction Fees:  None.  AFI does not charge fees based on the successful close of a financing transaction.

Please see our Company Fees page for a full description of our fee structure.

What is "Bootstrap Plus" and Milestone-Based Financing?

AFI Partners Eric de Valpine (l) and Jarred Maxwell discuss business and fundraising strategy for small local food and agriculture firms.
Whether it’s helping to find grants, creatively crafting deals that align investors and the business owners, or offering your personal networks to facilitate conversations, you all are offering your time and experience for healthy acceleration of growth for companies."
Abianna Falla, Cat Spring Yaupon Tea
AFI clients Abianne Falla (l) and Jenna Dee Detro (r) of Cat Spring Yaupon Tea.

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